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Wireless Modem/Routers Available

Available for ALL Franklin Telephone Customers.

¨ Call 285-9911 to sign up.


· Personal e-mail accounts

· 5 MB of personal web space

· toll free technical support in Vermont

· Webmail


DSL Internet Service $38.95-$49.95/month

· $38.95 /month for year round customers with Franklin long distance

· $45.95 /month for year round customers

· $49.95/month seasonal customers

· $ 75.00 initial fee includes wireless modem/router


· Dial up service $19.95 per month


 What is DSL?

 DSL is an acronym that stands for “Digital Subscriber Line.” DSL is a high-speed, digital technology that supports voice, video, and data at much higher speeds than traditional analog modems. Most commonly, DSL is used for high-speed Internet connections for business and residential customers. A DSL line enables you to have an “always on” Internet connection, meaning your computer or Local Area Network can be connected to the Internet 24/7 (Please note 24/7 is not guaranteed). This eliminates the time spent waiting to setup a dial -up connection, as is the case with a traditional analog modem and telephone line.


How will DSL benefit me?

¨ Speed – With faster Internet and LAN access, users can surf the web and do their work more efficiently, getting more work done with less frustration.

¨ Price – DSL is competitively priced and is frequently cheaper than much slower alternatives.

¨ Multi-tasking – Residential users and small businesses alike will appreciate the ability to simultaneously use the Internet as well as voice and fax capabilities all over a single telephone line.

¨ Convenience - Uninterrupted, high-speed Internet access that's always on.

¨ Cost-effective - solution for residential customers, telecommuters and small businesses

¨ Security - Data Security that exceeds other technologies, such as two-way cable modems.



 You must have an active telephone account with Franklin Telephone (this is a separate charge from the DSL service).


*Speeds listed are maximum under optimal conditions.  Actual speeds may vary based upon user’s computer system (processor speed and RAM), in line capabilities, atmospheric conditions, speed of the Internet and other factors


Do I need a firewall and Antivirus protection?

It is not required, however, for maximum protection it’s advisable to incorporate a firewall and antivirus protection into your network or computer.  You can download personal firewall protection  and antivirus software to install on your computer.


The modem can be left on 24/7.  However, you should take precautions to prevent security risks to your computer equipment (such as installing a firewall).  You should also install adequate surge protectors for the power and telephone connections for your equipment and the modem.


¨ We reserve the right to disconnect service without warning if it is used inappropriately.  Examples include spamming, illegal activities, or virus threats.  Accounts that are not paid in a timely manner will be disconnected.

To contact us:

Phone: 802-285-9911

Fax: 802-285-6551


P.O. Box 96

5217 Main St

Franklin, VT 05457