Franklin Telephone Co., Inc.


Serving the Community for Over 100 years!

¨ 7¢ per minute any time of day with $5.oo monthly fee direct dialed USA & Canada      

   - Vermont Calls 15¢ per minute


¨ 10¢ per minute any time of day with $3.00 monthly fee for direct dialed to USA & Canada    

   - Vermont Calls 15¢ per minute


¨ 15¢ per minute direct dialed to Vermont, USA & Canada


¨ Fairpoint Call Around State Calling Plan for $3.60 per month for the first hour then 5¢ per minute for long distance calls within Vermont.



Local Calling Areas:  Free usage to direct dialed calls to “285”, “933” and “868” numbers only.

  Franklin (285)

  Enosburg (933)

  Swanton (868)


Franklin Regional Calling Area: 

  East Fairfield (827,418,551,664,761)

  Enosburg (347,403)

  Richford (255,708,848)

  St Albans (524,527,370,393,713,752,782)

  Swanton (466, 818)


Rates for direct dialed calls:

  Peak (9 AM- 9 PM weekday) $.03/minute

  Off-peak...............  $ .01/minute


Long Distance Service:

You are free to choose any long distance carrier that has requested Franklin Telephone to activate their carrier identification code.


Franklin is a billing agent for Fairpoint Communications. Franklin also occasionally bills for other carriers (i.e. calling card, collect, or if a carrier does not have you recorded as their customer).  These rates may be quite high.  It may be more economical for customers to purchase a prepaid calling card.   


If you choose to change long distance carriers, please notify us at 285-9911.   It is your responsibility to notify your former carrier when you switch.


There is a fee of $5.25 each time you request to have your long distance service changed.

To contact us:

Phone: 802-285-9911

Fax: 802-285-6551


P.O. Box 96

5217 Main St

Franklin, VT 05457





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