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Customers who subscribe to Caller ID service have a display unit attached to their telephone that shows the number and/or name of the person calling. If your privacy is a concern and you do not want your name and telephone number to be seen by the person you are calling you have two options.


Option 1: Caller ID Blocking-Per Call

This option allows you to block your directory information from being delivered on an individual call basis to the person you are calling. This is accomplished by dialing *67 (1167 on rotary phones) immediately before each call. Only the current call will be blocked.


Option 2: Caller ID Blocking-Per Line

With this option, your directory information will automatically not be delivered. If you wish to have your directory information delivered on specific calls, you may do so by dialing *82 (1182 on rotary phones) immediately before each call. Delivery will occur on the current call only. There is a fee for this service.


There are two instances where blocking will not work: (1) for your safety, your directory information will always be delivered when dialing 911; and (2)your directory information will be revealed to an 800 service provider when you call them, even if your number is blocked. The FCC ruled that parties with 800 numbers have the right to know who is calling them, in part because they pay for the call.


How to reduce unwanted telemarketing at home....many people find that telemarketing calls provide them with valuable information about products and services. But if you would rather not receive these calls, here are two things you can do:

1. Call 1-888-382-1222 to register.

2. On the internet:

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